Muttertag – Gerbera, Daisys mit der BS Blumen, Margeriten von Stampin Up

Hier jetzt – wie versprochen – das Muttertagsgeschenk für meine Mutter. Sie war total begeistert. Ich habe für die Gerberad diese Anleitung in etwas abgewandelter Form verwendet. Meine Stiele sind nicht aus Papier sondern dicke Strohhalme, die ich mit Floristentape umwickelt habe.


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6 Responses to Muttertag – Gerbera, Daisys mit der BS Blumen, Margeriten von Stampin Up

  1. Diana says:

    Die Blumen sind toll aus. Über die würde ich mich auch freuen und Blumen kann man ja immer wieder geschenkt bekommen, auch wenn nicht gerade Muttertag ist. Da findet man immer eine andere Gelegenheit.

  2. Julia says:

    Wow die sehen ja total echt aus- muss ich mir mal merken. Danke fürs zeigen LG Julia

    • Willian says:

      If you aren’t sure where to start, I relaly, relaly recomend the book „Artists and Graphic Designer’s Market.“ I included a link to this year’s copy. It not only has suggestions for how to submit, but addresses to every greeting card company in America as well as the guidelines for submitting to each. Be warned, though, they’re relaly selective. My boyfriend and I each submit to dozens of things a year, and only every once in a while do our submissions get accepted. The bottom line, though, is to keep trying. If your work at it hard enough and if your art is good, you’ll make progress.

  3. Nicole says:

    Hey die Blumen sehen echt toll aus!
    Gefällt mir?

  4. Carlo says:

    Hi:You might try to find examples on HGTV and DIY’s wbeistes. I don’t think there is an individual card making show, but I know I’ve seen spots on Carol Duvall and other craft shows that have cards made from various materials including die-cuts, cardstock, fabric, rubber stamps, and many other unusual items. I make my own holiday cards from my pastel paintings that I take digital images from and then print them out on usually Strathmore deckle edge cards, and use vellum envelopes to mail them.Hope this helps and gets you started.

  5. Fabiana says:

    Thanks for sharing your start with us! I can’t beveile it’s been 6 years for me, and 10 for you! Wow, it surely flies by…I hope you’ll get some more recruits! It’s a great time to join the growing family of fantastic SU demos! Come on ladies, SIGN UP NOW!!! 😀

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